The underground hit The No Ring Circus: Clowns opens for their second run in New Orleans November 9th, 2017. Catch one of the six performances November 9th-18th.

Film by Jian Bastille



Friday, October 20th Daphne will be appearing in Nashville, TN for Music City Burlesque's 10th anniversary show at Marathon Music Works. The No Ring Circus will make a rare appearance in the larger than life show.




Daphne and her husband Eli Rose created The No Ring Circus, and the first run of seven shows happened at The Fortress of Lushington in New Orleans. Daphne stars as Fiddles, and Eli as Oboe, and the show features an hour and a half of original material, with a score by Eli, recorded by The Clown Orchestra. The teaser trailer by Jian Bastille:


Daphne appeared alongside frequent collaborator Brittany Markert in a piece for Spirit and Flesh magazine entitled The Lady Dandies, photographed and conceived by Rose Callahan. Click through image to see full story-


Musical artist Rana Rains released a video for "Do You Know What I Mean?" which features Daphne as a 1960s bimbo game show contestant named Vivian. Suffice it to say, Vivian does not take home the big check...

 Tali Lennox painted this water color of Daphne in her clown drag! Lennox has a solo exhibit opening in NYC next month.

© Tali Lennox

© Tali Lennox


Adam Szymkowicz interviewed Daphne for his series "I interview playwrights"